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Illa Ghee is the self-proclaimed, “Incredible Math-matics of Rap”.  In his words, “I am the exact science of rap”.  Brooklyn-based Emcee Illa Ghee has a crafty aptness for delivering raw and unapologetic lyrics resonating in the ears and souls of his fans.

His ability to share his own personal unfiltered journey draws listeners in as he attacks their senses with a barrage of metaphors and similes to paint the perfect picture with this pen.

Growing up it was Illa Ghee’s brother/rapper Intimidation and his cousin DJ/rapper Sky Ski that introduced him to hip-hop culture by bringing Illa to their events.  Fast-forward to present day, Illa Ghee has over a decade of hip-hop under his belt and has worked, recorded, and performed with many of his favorite influences.  Sean Price, Mobb Deep, Method Man, Pete Rock, Black Milk are just some of the many Illa has had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with.  Recipient of a RIAA Certified Gold record for his contribution on “Can’t Get Enough Of It” off of Mobb Deep’s album, Hell On Earth and most notably know for his verse on “Hold You Down”, off of Alchemist’s debut album, 1st Infantry, Illa Ghee continues to push the boundaries with his dynamic talent.

Coming off the release of Vocabulary Hercules, Illa is gearing up for the release of his next project Denim Malt Liquor scheduled for release in October of 2022.  The project features production by Crummie Beats, Vinny Idol, and Jewelz Polar.  Denim Malt Liquor pours out twice the amount of lyrical content in Illa Ghee fashion.  The EP is gritty, powerful, and timeless like fashionable denim and exactly what his fans have come to love.




IMOR Records

(914) 512-8682




Hold You Down Entertainment Inc.

Annette Carriedo

(562) 294-6076


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